Who We Are

Danielle Guffie

Co-Founder/Event Manager

Danielle Guffie has degrees in Community Studies, Business and Sport Business Management, and enjoys working with people. Active in many organized and recreational sports, Danielle has a passion for making people laugh and smile. Her love for sports, fun and fitness has thrusted her towards event management and the motivation to inspire others. Her volunteer experience highlights include; the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler and the 2009 World Junior Hockey in Ottawa. Danielle’s dream has always been to compete in the Olympics, Coach and/or become a Spirit Rep.



Laura Glasper

Co-Founder/Event Manager

Laura Glasper studied Human Kinetics and BSCN in Nursing at The University of Ottawa. While employed by Canada’s Leading Fitness Specialist, Tony Greco, Laura played an intricate role in the development of The Foundation to Fight Obesity in Children, raising over $100,000.00 as Event & Sponsorship Packaging Coordinator for the foundation. Laura has worked in project management, and has created and published franchise documents and training manuals.  Laura always sees the glass as half full; is outgoing, dynamic, innovative, persistent and a self-starter.



Together they began inStride Events

Danielle and Laura have based inStride Event Management on the strong belief that by working hard for the project and the client, great results will follow. Both Danielle and Laura believe in building a solid business relationship filled with mutual respect and trust. Their contagious enthusiasm and energy ensures a positive experience for clients, guests and participants for any event.

“We believe our interpersonal skills, drive and passion to be the foundation of our successful event management company.”

“The more fun you have, the greater the value to yourself and society.  The more fun you share with others, the more fun you have”.